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Creative Engagement Songwriting Contest Details

Request your Creative Engagement Songwriting Method and write your first song (or maybe your next song) based on this method. Then submit your song to be included in the contest!

Contest Steps
Request Songwriting Method

The Creative Engagement Songwriting Method is a fun, engaging step by step process to help you write your first song or your next song. Request your Songwriting Method today!

Write Your Song

Write your song based on this method. Follow each step and use the method to create your song. Be creative and have fun. Challenge yourself to inspire yourself!

Submit Your Song

Capture your song in an .mp3 format. This can be a simple recording like a demo, or a multitrack studio recording. 

Share your experience about your songwriting!


Songs will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Lyrics (quality of lyrics, consistency of theme, originality)

  • Music (chord progression, melody, structure)

  • Prosody (defined as how well each individual element of the song supports the whole)

Each applicant may submit only one song per contest. 

Applicants are responsible for recording the results of their song as an .mp3 formatted file.

The contest winner's song will be included on an episode of the Creative Engagement podcast.

3 runners up will be named on the contest results page.

Contest winners will be announced in January 2023

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