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Activate Your Creativity

Aug 20—Sept 17  1:00 pm PT   Online Zoom 

Explore Modes of Expression to Get Engaged!

You are invited to the FULL Course RollOut for this new course! This will be a 5 week workshop. To give you a sense of the work. This course is for you if:

  • You want to explore an impulse to express an idea

  • You are open to exploring different forms of creativity

  • You sometimes get stuck and and frustrated or find yourself stalling in your creative processes

  • You seek strategies for working through ambiguities

  • You like a new lens for developing leadership skills

  • You give yourself permission to step into new experiences that allow you to grow

Fill in the form to sign up for the full  5 week course!

Activate Creativity Workshop

Workshop Price $50 for 5 week course. PayPal Invoice follows registration.


Thanks for your order! PayPal Invoice follows Registration.

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