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The Keller Hall Project

The Keller Hall project is a journey through time, and a connection with my audience I could only have dreamed of as a younger man. I must acknowledge Tim Villanueva for reaching out to me and reconnecting after many years to remind me of what my music meant to him. Through Tim's reimagining of one of my songs this project came into being. To learn more check out my blog post.

One important reason that I am sharing this relationship, and the resulting Creativity is to show the results of being a part of a creative community. Sharing creative ideas is fulfilling and joyful, Tapping into another’s differences brings new fresh insights and we can call each other into creative challenges that we might not have thought of from our own source! 

YOU'RE INVITED! I want to encourage everyone to find your best way to participate. If you need any help getting started simply email me at We explore a lot of these ideas in my podcast Creative Engagement. Join a new course pilot program for FREE called ACTIVATE YOUR CREATIVITY! How do you want to play and share and learn together?


This is the song as captured on the Keller Hall stage. The percussion instrument featured here is a vibraslap. 

This version I completed in 2023. My guiding vision was imagining a live band playing off each other's energy. I also updated a few lyrics to align better with my current sensibilities.

The PretenderTim Villanueva
00:00 / 04:49

This version created by Tim Villanueva received a new name because the names had been lost, so Tim called his version the Pretender. It is so awesome to have someone honor my song this way! Many thanks to Tim!

Come & Die

I’m a paragraph. Double click

me or click Edit Text. It's easy  to make it your own.

Come&DieDaniel Mandel / Eclipse
00:00 / 03:50

This is the original recording of my band Eclipse. The song Come & Die was about Christ calling his followers to die to themselves and follow his teachings. As a much younger man I wanted to capture the intensity of commitment and the seriousness at the heart of this message.

When I Die

This update is not a complete rewrite. I kept many elements of the song similar up until it became clear that I wanted to express my thoughts and philosophy about death, and that's when the 2nd half of the song got really interesting!


I’m a paragraph. Double click

me or click Edit Text. It's easy  to make it your own.

Brainstorm(original)Daniel Mandel / Eclipse
00:00 / 05:26

This is the original recording of Eclipse performing Brainstorm. The song is a prog rock romp that ends with simple message about the peak experiences of our lives and really going all out!


For this rewrite I chose to treat the original recording as a demo. As I recreated each section melodies and lyrics poured out of me. It felt like a full circle moment to return to the original melody at the end, and this whole process felt satisfying as a wild exploration of our minds journey.

Next Rewrites in Progress...

Times Change

A bit of hallmark poetry and sentimental thoughts.


Eclipse is a song named after the band is a quiet ballad exploring the juxtapositions in our life and how we hold the balance in between.


Watch This Space for Updates!

As each song from the Keller Hall vault gets reworked, reimagined and published I will be posting the original Keller recording and the new updated version. It's even possible that Tim will release some of his own versions too!

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