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Words and Music by Daniel Mandel

Drawing, artwork by Mark Mandel


I wrote this song returning home on an airplane connecting flight from St. Louis. I have been learning so much about how my mind works and what emotions are all about. 

I'm especially intrigued by those emotions that are labeled as negative that are avoided because they are uncomfortable.

This is the 2nd song I've written on a piano, since the Covid-19 pandemic somehow mysteriously gifted me with the ability to accompany myself on piano!


lyrics by Daniel Mandel

I’m not allowed to be angry 

At the hand life has dealt me

But which angry mob would hang me 

If I could share how this feels


I’m not allowed to be lonely 

But I don’t have no one to hold me

I don’t want someone to own me 

Some times I like to be alone 

But the truth is that

No one can promise they will

Complete me completely 

Love is a skill

And there’s no guarantee 

That You would Be 

my friend and my lover my gardener and doctor and leave me fulfilled

(my guru, my plumber my lawyer my teacher and leave me fulfilled)


I’m not allowed to be selfish 

But if I had my wish

I would have someone 

to live my life with

I think that I’d choose somebody who

Was funny and crazy 

who liked being lazy 

someone singing and playing 

who liked what I’m saying 

who reads the same books 

with familiar looks 

who enjoyed what I’m eating 

I don’t mind conceding 

I live alone 

But I would let you in 

Show you around 

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