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Henry "Harry" Hay Jr. (April 7, 1912 – October 24, 2002)  a prominent American gay rights activist, He was a co-founder of the Mattachine Society, as well as the Radical Faeries, a loosely affiliated gay spiritual movement.

"We pulled ugly green frog skin of heterosexual conformity over us, and that's how we got through school with a full set of teeth," Hay once explained.


"We know how to live through their eyes. We can always play their games, but are we denying ourselves by doing this? If you're going to carry the skin of conformity over you, you are going to suppress the beautiful prince or princess within you.”


We pull

green skin

over us

to fit in


We played

the games


the pain


I’ve had enough!

Someone lied 

we survived

Now we know we can go on

yeah we didn’t know

We are worthy

we Deny

our selves

When we try



to their lies


you don’t like that i can see it

you know that I can feel it

you can find a way

you can find a way to go


Would you kiss me?

I am enough

Would you kiss me?

I want to see you smile

You can’t feel it

You don’t believe it

Here we go again


I want to share the light


We finally

We believe it


your own dream 

when I call you

when I call you





Music & Lyrics: Reflectance

Artwork: Tamsin Haggis

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