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(noun) the action of giving someone support, confidence, or hope.

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I'm so glad you found my Encouragement Page! My name is Daniel Mandel. My purpose is to stimulate curiosity that will lead to play so that we can all live our most meaningful adventure! I am a Creativity Coach and I’m the chief encouragement officer! I work with people as creators and artists to generate change through curiosity and imagination that invites creativity into problem solving to address life challenges.

Two years ago I started the Creative Engagement Podcast. Each episode contains short form interviews and heartfelt stories and wisdom from artists of all kinds, creative people, and LGBTQ+ community leaders. Many of those interviewed have paid it forward and pointed me to other amazing contacts to interview next! This has all occurred through word of mouth person to person connections.

Now I am excited to go a level deeper with ENCOURAGEMENT SESSIONS. Very simply I am opening up a new episode format where I will work with individuals who with permission share their concern, or puzzle or area where they need encouragement and together we work toward a successful outcome. To find out more about this process click the Request Encouragement button to complete the eligibility form.

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