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A journey inside the music and creativity. This is a "refreshed" recording and mix from the original 2012 recording. I have to admit I'm having fun applying new learnings to older recordings! As my array of virtual and actual instruments have changed and improved over time I'm able to infuse these recordings with more realism and space and expression! Your feedback is most welcome. What does this song make you think and feel about where you call home?

Home (Again)

I didn’t have to go so far

I didn’t need to cry so hard

But I’ve got to find a balance

between my tasks and my talents

and I’ve got to find myself 

Home Again


I’ve got to walk where I used to run

I’ve got to shout just to talk to someone

There’s never been a time

When I could lose my mind 

Without losing myself 

But here I am 


Home again

I can’t pretend

That home is where the danger ends

What started out as refuge 

can become a trap a cage the end


I’ve changed my locks and my dreams

trying to keep the world out it seems

and while I’m pretending protection

I feel like a thief breaking into my


Home again

My heart My hands

Have I confused the two again

An act of trust 

The will to bend

I understood 

I understand


Forgetting all that we knew

Can I be at home here with you

I’ve got to find a way

We’ve got to find a way

We’ve got to come from that place 

To where we are home again

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