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Life Creativity Coach Daniel Mandel
One on One Coaching

You are in the right place to get unstuck. Discover if we're a good fit to help you "adventurize" your life! Before you jump in cold you can listen to examples of how I work with people in my role of

Chief Encouragement Officer HERE.


From Puzzles to Problems:

Learn the tools and skills to bring  comprehensive thinking and creativity to your most important decisions and problems.


ReFraming Anger:

Discover how this challenging emotion shows up in your life and what you can do about it. During the workshop you can score an incident of anger from your life.

Angry Couple
Man with Guitar
Man with Guitar
Creative Challenges

The power of creative challenges should not be underestimated. Learn and grow from applied intuition, consideration and reflection. Where do you need to grow? What subconscious material can be accessed? You're invited to play!

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