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Equal Ground Review by Demiera HArris

There is something so simplistic yet bold about the cover art for Daniel Mandel's (featuring S. Henry McCoy) album Enlightened Madness – the colorful text comprising each song title artfully splayed across all four corners of the cover speaks volumes about what waits within. Okay, so I donned my lyric interpretation hat when I started listening to "The Train Knows Where to Go." I just know, deep in my heart, that the train just has to be a metaphor for something, but I don't want to make any sweeping assumptions. The music does a good job of laying the foundation, a purpose that serves well for deeper lyrics such as these and keeps your attention focused. 


Every song contains its own film type story with characters and passion. 

This was my 3rd pass at creating a studio CD and represents a healthy does of collaboration. Lots of great instrumentalists helped me realize this work. 

Give a listen!

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