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I'm so glad you found out about my Encouragement Sessions! This is a powerful approach to gaining confidence in yourself and learning about how you envision your successful outcome. Find out how to participate and give yourself insights along the way!

My Journey To Encouragement

I have received some amazing encouragement in my journey of songwriting. For me it has meant a world of ongoing motivation, curiosity and a way to explore what is truly important to me as I progress in my artistry. I began my podcast Creative Engagement three years ago. I've interviewed so many wonderful artists and community leaders and creatives of all stripes. In this 3rd year I'm introducing Encouragement Sessions to be even more inclusive. 

What can you expect from participating? 

Encouragement is unique to every individual. I don't guaranty any outcome. Instead I can report that so far this year ideas are generated. Websites are being enhanced. Booklets are being written. New instagram accounts established. Songs are being written. Your mileage may vary but the conditions for motivation and inspiration can be created for your successful outcome.

The process works like this.

If you have a creative project or work in progress and you'd like a boost in confidence or motivation, and you are willing to share your story and some examples of your work, then you are invited to participate! Step 1 Listen to our featured Encouragement Session. Step 2 fill out the simple form by clicking Request Encouragement. I'll be in touch to have a preparatory discussion (or two) and after I confirm your eligibility we can schedule an interview where you and your creativity can be featured on my podcast!

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