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Welcome to the Creative Engagement podcast. The information below will explain the technical requirements, the interview parameters and at the bottom you will be able to use the Request form to schedule your preferred interview date and time. After I receive your request I will reach out to confirm.

In case you encounter any difficulty with the booking form below you can always email me at to negotiate your interview date & time. Please note: My time zone is Pacific as you consider the time of day to schedule your interview.

Creative Engagement Podcast Info

Welcome from Daniel Mandel

I am a life coach a singer songwriter a performer and a story teller. I named my company Creative Engagement Coaching because this stitches together my highest values of authentic self-expression and engagement with life. I have seen in my own life the incredible joy that creativity and artistry and expression and engagement have brought to my being. I have also known the shadow side of not honoring these same aspects.

I also am so blessed to have fallen in with the right circle of amazing artists and humans who have moved me so deeply. I believe that we each have an important and unique story to tell. This podcast then is a way to share those stories. My hope is that we can learn from each other and celebrate each other as we deepen our experience and ask each other questions about how to more fully engage with life and how to run our lives through our creativity and artistry.

This podcast features LGBQT+ individuals, artists, and thought leaders as well as straight people. I think that creativity and engagement is a shared experience and in that spirit you are invited to share yourself through this podcast.

Audio Recording via Iris

1. I am switching from Zoom to Iris to improve overall audio quality and greater flexibility. 

2. Iris works best on Chrome with desktop computers, laptops, iPhones, and Android phones.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Update your Chrome browser prior to participating. Make sure you have only 1 browser window and 1 tab open. Review chrome settings: under privacy and security ensure the browser has permission to use the microphone. Use the chat function if audio/video are not working to communicate.

3. Iris works best when connected to WiFi

4. Iris works best with dedicated USB mic or headset

3. Ensure you are in a quiet space without interruption for the interview. (For example not in a public cafe or outside.)

4. I will send an Iris link on the day of the interview; I usually join 5 minutes before the scheduled start

Interview Set Up

1. This is a short form interview of approximately 15 minutes. It will be edited and scheduled, it is NOT live streamed. I do not send out the edit for approval before publishing.

2. I only script the intro question: What has creativity meant to your life? ... and the outro question: What words of encouragement do you have for those seeking creative engagement? All other questions come from my curiosity!

3. If you have bonus content of an original song, a poem or a very short story to share this is encouraged. (In other words nothing without permission.)

4. Being interviewed is not a guarantee of being published; You will be informed if your interview will not be published.

Request Podcast Interview Date/Time

Important Note: Please allow me to review your request and confirm that the date and time work. I usually am able to respond within a week.

Important Note: Please understand this is the Pacific Time you are requesting. If you live in a different time zone your time zone will be well, different! For example I interview many folks from the UK and 10:00 a.m. my time is usually 6:00 p.m. in the UK.

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