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Creative Reminders

I have rolled my eyes many times at the reminder to see every problem as an opportunity. But when I can frame events as opportunities it can have magical results! This might be a new spin on magical thinking with a positive connotation!

My good friend Marty Rosenthal is an artist and he lives in a San Francisco home that he has arranged and decorated with his paintings and landscape sculptures that make for a really delightful home. You can listen to Marty's perspective on the Creative Engagement podcast Season 1 Episode 16

Recently Marty shared with me that during the rain storms so far this winter he discovered a leak and some wood rot. We often share our homeowner projects with each other. I know the feelings of discovering a leak and then discovering the cost of repairs. It can send me down a rabbit hole of negative thoughts.

But then again the positive and curios sides of me usually chime in with options I hadn't really considered when I was distracted by that rabbit hole of negative thoughts. So when Marty shared that he'd have to have his deck repaired and that he would have to remove all his potted plants for all the repairs my mind started shifting into the good side of the equation.

I told Marty it is far better to have discovered this before any accident occurred with the patio or before any leak caused deep and considerable damage. Catching the damage now means protecting against further costs and further damage. So you could even see cost savings viewed that way.

Then Marty texted me back to say my comments reminded him that he could start over with his patio space and even treat this as an art project! This is the power of viewing opportunities even in what initially seem like negative events. Now Marty has found an inspiring and meaningful project that he looks forward to completing.

So the next time you get a sinking feeling take a deep breath and think the sinking feeling is temporary and then take another deep breath and start looking for opportunities!

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