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Image by Alfred Schrock

Into the Mystery

This is your life. A radical transformation such as the caterpillar morphing into a butterfly is utterly astonishing to behold and appreciate. Your life can also change so thoroughly that you will be in awe and filled with gratitude. This type of journey is not taken lightly nor should it be. To let go of yourself and unlearn old patterns can require discipline and attention. Assessing your readiness can require some stillness and deep reflection. You may have arrived at this place as a result of some trauma or pain. Take stock of your situation and some deep breaths to consider how much change you are calling in.

Real and Sustainable Transformation

If you've gotten this far and you are curious that's a good sign. Curiosity will serve you well. I don't coach through advice giving. I will ask some difficult questions. You may be challenged by pursuing a deep level of transformation. How could you not. That is the nature of the work. How do you prefer to be challenged? How willing are you to learn to create the life you want? Some very difficult changes can start with a very simple idea which is believing that change is possible. If radical transformation is possible and you have enough curiosity to explore, then we have a place to start. What is the best most successful outcome you could imagine?

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