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Daniel Mandel
Creative Engagement

Activate Your Creativity: You're Invited!
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I'm so glad you found my web page! Whether you are here to explore my coaching practice, lessons and fun experiments or my music and songwriting I encourage you to engage creatively! Creative Engagement is what I'm about. My purpose is to stimulate curiosity that will lead to play so that we can all live our most meaningful adventure!



I'm inviting you to participate in a single session pilot of a new course that explores different modes of expression. This is designed to help people activate their curiosity by discovering modes of expression that may be their favorite and learning insights from different ways of expressing. Seeking 5 participants for the first cohort. Send a message to to get on the list.  



I am a Creativity Coach and I’m the Chief Encouragement Officer!

I work with people as creators and artists to generate change through curiosity and imagination that invites creativity into problem solving to address life challenges.

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